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Sometimes you may have the idea that the relationship with your partner should always be good, loving, interesting, and exciting. And if that’s not the case (anymore), you and your partner may not dare to admit it. But love is a verb. And that applies to every relationship. It is normal if you are not sure how you can work on love. In that case, online relationship therapy offers a solution.

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When to start relationship therapy?

For many couples, it slowly creeps in: you are both busy, living parallel lives, and finally come to the conclusion that you have completely different lifestyles. Perhaps you have tried to talk about the problems, but relatively little has changed. Or maybe the communication is problematic and every ‘good conversation’ ends in conflict. Breaking up then sometimes seems like the only option. But if both parties are willing to change the situation, couples therapy can bring you closer together again.

Couples therapy is often also effective in dealing with major changes within the relationship. For example, when you move in together, buy a house together, or have a child. Sometimes it is also beneficial to seek help when there are sad (external) circumstances, such as the death of a loved one or the onset of illness or depression. It may well be that your partner and you react differently to these changes. Through couples therapy, you can discuss this with each other.

Finally, you can also go into relationship therapy preventively. Even if you are completely happy with each other and nothing seems wrong, relationship therapy is useful. You learn a lot about yourselves and each other, start to recognize behavioral patterns and can solve potential problems in time. Preventive relationship therapy is especially recommended if, for example, you know that problems from the past can cause certain behavior.

How does relationship therapy work?

No matter how long you have been together, you remain two unique people. Therefore, you probably don’t think the same way about everything, and that’s okay. As long as you keep communicating. That is what couples therapy is mainly about: communicating. During the sessions you both have the opportunity to tell your story, while the other listens. The therapist can summarize your situation objectively as an outsider and reduce it to certain bottlenecks. This can be very clarifying and confronting. Often there are much more important, deeper problems than not putting socks in the laundry basket.

During the therapy session(s), the therapist makes use of various treatment methods. For example, certain conversation techniques can be effective or cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology or even mindfulness. Of course, the treatment plan is always tailored to your personal situation and the methods match your preferences. When the underlying causes of the relationship problems have been brought to light, the therapist will give you concrete advice on how to proceed.

If you have specific complaints, or if it is still too difficult to talk together, individual therapy is also a possibility. For example, you can first see the same therapist individually and only at a later stage have joint therapy. It is also possible to have individual therapy (possibly with another therapist) in addition to the joint treatment.

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Online relationship therapy

If you are attached to your privacy and would rather not sit together in a therapist’s waiting room, or if you simply lead a busy life, online couples therapy is ideal. You decide how the contact takes place. The conversations can take place via Skype or FaceTime, but email, WhatsApp or chat are also possible. You can have the conversations at home, on your couch. This often makes it easier to relax and talk about personal topics.

Online relationship therapy is also a good solution if you live abroad, but would like to receive therapy in your own language. Many of our therapists live abroad themselves and are therefore familiar with the effect that emigration can have on relationships. Through a free introductory meeting, we will match you with a therapist who best fits your needs and situation.

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