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Growing up is not always easy. Therefore, children and adolescents can also turn to a therapist, for example, with behavioral or learning problems or other developmental problems. A child therapist has completed a postgraduate specialization and is, therefore, an expert in the field of child and youth psychology. Parents or carers can also come to a child therapist with questions.

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When to see a child therapist?

While your child is growing up, many things can go differently than expected. Both physically and mentally, problems sometimes arise that can affect the whole family. You can contact a child therapist for various problems with the development of your child: 

  • Your child is suddenly very active and busy or suffers from tantrums.
  • Your child is suddenly very quiet, gloomy, anxious, or fretting a lot.
  • Your child has problems eating or sleeping.
  • Your child has concentration problems and performs less well at school.
  • You have questions about the upbringing or development of your child.

Introductory meeting with a child therapist

If you are worried, feel free to make an appointment for an intake interview with a child therapist. The child therapist will look at the whole situation of the child and try to map out what is going on. Attention will also be paid to the parents, any siblings, or other family members: the child’s so-called ‘system’. In consultation with the parents or caregivers, it will be determined in what area extra help or support is needed.

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Therapy with a child therapist

The child’s problems may be psychological or emotional in nature, but may also be related to physical, social, or relational factors. The child therapist tries to unravel what the underlying cause of a problem is. Perhaps there is a lot of tension within the family or at school, or a lot has recently changed in the child’s life. A child therapist can also make diagnoses, for example, for developmental disorders such as ADHD and autism, or psychological problems such as depression and trauma.

During the therapy, the child is put at the center of the discussion as much as possible. Through conversations and assignments, the child therapist and the child together work out where problems are occurring and why. Questionnaires and other psychodiagnostic material can also be used. When necessary, parents or caregivers are also involved in the therapy. As a parent, you can always turn to the child therapist for advice.

Child therapist online

Is it possible to do this online? Absolutely. In fact, for many children and families, it is more practical to do therapy from home. An online child therapist is also a solution for families living abroad. An introductory meeting is always free of charge and without obligation. Please feel free to contact us for more information about what our child therapist can do for your child.

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