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Have you been walking around with psychological complaints for a while? If so, you may benefit from discussing these symptoms with a therapist online. It does not matter what your complaints are, or how ‘bad’ the problems are that you are dealing with. Sometimes you can’t tell your story well in your own social circle, or you need the advice of an outsider. It can then be very effective to discuss your psychological problems with a therapist.

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Discussing mental health issues

You may have the idea that a therapist is only for people who are completely ‘messed up’. But that is not the case at all. A therapist can also discuss ‘smaller’ psychological complaints with you. As you gain a new perspective on existing problems, you learn to recognize underlying behavioral patterns and you develop ways to deal with similar situations in the future.

How does a therapist do that?

Of course, a therapist cannot read your mind or provide a solution to all your problems. Instead, a therapist gives you food for thought (or even practical homework assignments) that you can use to come to new insights yourself. He or she asks you questions about your personality, thoughts, and emotions. As an outsider, a therapist often sees where the proverbial shoe pinches. Seemingly incoherent problems can, therefore, often be reduced to one underlying problem. Then, you know exactly what you need to work on and you get the opportunity to tackle the psychological symptoms.

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Online conversations

Discussing mental health problems is not always easy. A therapist can only help you properly if you do not withhold any information, and tell your full story. It is therefore important that you feel comfortable during the conversations. It may help you to discuss your problems online. You do not have to leave the familiar surroundings of your own home for this, which makes you more relaxed.

At The Online Therapists we always try to put you in touch with a therapist who fits your needs and preferences. If you do not ‘click’ with your therapist, you can of course always let us know! We do everything we can to make sure you can talk about your problems online with a therapist as effectively and pleasantly as possible.

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