Online therapy

Taking the step to get help is not always easy. Maybe you are afraid that your situation is not “bad” enough. Or maybe you don’t like to see yourself in a therapist’s waiting room. Or maybe you don’t even know where to look for help because you live abroad. The Online Therapists offers the solution in these situations in the form of online therapy.

  • When it suits you
  • You only need internet
  • Professional therapists
  • No waiting list
  • Skype, mail, chat, or WhatsApp
  • Therapist in your own language
  • Secure online conversation
  • Anywhere in the world

Is online therapy right for you?

The Online Therapists wants to make psychological help as accessible as possible. The treatment is location-independent. If you are away from home a lot for work, prefer not to go out, or cannot go out, online therapy is a solution. From the familiar surroundings of your own living room, you often feel freer to talk about your complaints or problems.

It does not matter where you are. Maybe you travel a lot, or you even live abroad. The Online Therapists provides therapy in your own language. Are you an expat and are your problems related to living in another country? Many of our therapists live abroad themselves and can therefore relate to your situation. Also, it doesn’t matter in which time zone you are.

Our therapists

Our affiliated professionals are highly educated and experienced therapists. They have experience with a wide range of treatment methods, such as various interview techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Often, depending on what you need, a combination of treatment methods is used. (Life) coaching is also an option. Because many of our therapists live abroad, they often speak several languages. Therefore, it is always possible to get therapy in English, German, or French.

A psychiatrist can also think along with you and advise you about your current medication, for example, if you would like to phase it out. For medical questions, it is best to contact a local psychiatrist. But if this is not possible (e.g. because you live abroad), online contact about this can be an option.

Choose your online therapist

How does online therapy work?

When you contact us, we first schedule a free telephone consultation. In this conversation, we discuss your symptoms and specific preferences for treatment. If, for example, you prefer to talk to a male or female therapist, you can feel free to indicate that. We also take into account your time zone and the treatment methods that are appropriate for you.

On the basis of this introductory meeting, we will pair you with one of our therapists. Because we do not have a waiting list, this happens immediately after the introductory interview. The therapist with whom we put you in touch will match your preferences and have experience with the type of therapy you need. During the first telephone interview, you discuss your situation and your expectations of the therapy. The therapist then draws up a personalized treatment plan. It describes how you will work together and how many sessions you will probably need.

The contact with your therapist takes place – depending on your wishes – via Skype, FaceTime, email, WhatsApp, or chat. The only thing you need for online therapy is a connection to the internet!

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