Referral to a Therapist

For regular psychological help, you need a referral from your family doctor. This is not the case with The Online Therapists. Therefore, you can start therapy with us straight away.

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General practitioner’s referral

To claim reimbursement for psychological help, you first go to your family doctor. You tell your doctor about your symptoms, after which he or she can refer you to a therapist. For less serious complaints, you will often be referred to a practice support worker or to a therapist affiliated with the family doctor’s practice. For serious complaints, the family doctor will refer you to a mental health institution.

In both cases, you often have little say in the therapist you see. When referring you to a mental health institution, you may also be guided by the question of which institution you can claim reimbursement from. In both cases, there is also a good chance that you will be placed on a waiting list.

Mental health help without a referral

Do you want to see a therapist right away? Do you think it is important that you click with your therapist? And is it not a problem for you that the therapy is not reimbursed? You can see one of our therapists without a referral from a doctor. In some countries, online therapy is not reimbursed. But because we are not affiliated with any health insurer, we can offer customized care directly.

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