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You’ve decided to get help and go to therapy. But how do you find the right therapist? Someone with whom you click, with whom you feel comfortable, and to whom you can tell your story? Don’t worry about that. Unlike a regular practice, The Online Therapists employs many different psychologists. There is undoubtedly a therapist among them that suits you.

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The importance of the right therapist

Scientific research has shown that the success of psychological treatment depends largely on the “match” between the client and his or her therapist. You probably feel more comfortable with a therapist whose character, personality, or lifestyle appeals to you. You have the idea that he or she can assess what you are struggling with and give you advice that you can use. It is also important that your therapist has experience in treating your kind of complaints. The right match between client and therapist is, therefore, a priority for us.

The right match

We try to match you with the right therapist by first having a free introductory meeting with you. Our application coordinator will ask about your specific situation, the type of complaints you suffer from, and your expectations of the treatment. You can also indicate any preferences you may have. For example, you may prefer to have a woman or a man as your therapist. And if you are an expat and your complaints are related to that, you undoubtedly prefer to talk to a therapist who lives abroad as well. Based on the information you provide in this interview, our application coordinator will pair you with one of our psychologists.

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Changing therapists

With your therapist, you will have an intake meeting. In this conversation, you will get acquainted and agree on what you want to achieve with the treatment. After this, the therapist will draw up a treatment plan. Do you not trust the match or the treatment plan of your therapist? Or is the treatment not going as you hoped so far? Please let us know. You can always switch therapists without any problems.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with your therapist and have confidence in the treatment.

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