When is a visit to a therapist reimbursed?

Good news! Since 2014, psychological help is reimbursed by your basic insurance. This includes the entire treatment. So there is no maximum number of therapy sessions. To be eligible for this reimbursement, however, you must meet a few conditions.

Conditions for therapy reimbursement

  • You need a referral from a doctor. In most cases, this is your family doctor, but it could also be a company doctor or youth physician. This is the doctor you should contact if you are struggling with psychological problems. The referral serves as ‘proof’ for your health insurance that psychological help is considered medically necessary. A referral is valid for one year.
  • There must be a specific diagnosis. Some specific anxiety disorders have no official diagnosis, so their treatment is not reimbursed. Treatment of sleep disorders and relationship problems is also not reimbursed by most health insurance companies.
  • If you are referred to a mental health institution or mental health practitioner, this institution or practitioner must have a contract with your health insurance company. This is usually the case, but if not, the costs may not be reimbursed or only partially. It may also be the case that you have to pay the costs in advance yourself and then claim them from your health insurance company.

Treatment by a family doctor or practice support worker

Minor psychological complaints can be treated by the family doctor or the practice support worker. The advantage of this is that this care falls under general practitioner care and is fully reimbursed, without you having to pay any excess.

Additional costs

Even if your treatment is fully reimbursed, health insurance does have a deductible. This excess is €385. If you do not think you will need a long treatment, it is sometimes wiser to pay for a few sessions yourself. This way you do not have to use your deductible. Keep in mind that any prescribed medication is not (fully) reimbursed.

Will The Online Therapists be reimbursed?

Online therapy is unfortunately not (yet) reimbursed by health insurers. The advantage of this is that you do not need a referral for The Online Therapists and you will not be put on a waiting list. So you can come to us directly. The rate of our therapists is €95 per 45-minute session. The cost of four sessions is about the same as the contribution from the deductible that you have to pay for regular therapy.

Because we work with professional therapists, online therapy may be covered by travel or expat insurance. Do you live abroad, but would you like to get therapy in your own language? Please check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.


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